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Fast and secure way to send money from Singapore to Indonesia

1 SGD = IDR | Fee SGD
  • Including transaction fee
  • You saved up to SGD if compared to other money transfer providers
  • Maximum amount IDR 0 / transaction
  • Your money should arrive besok hari

Total Payment

SGD 200

We're a licensed remittance company under
the regulation of Bank of Indonesia,
license number 13/77/DASP/30.


Discover companion for your purposeful cross-border financial transaction

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Why Transfez?

Money Transfer to Indonesia

Like all magnificent things, it's very simple, just one click away


Worry Free Transfer Fee

Whatever amount you send your fee stay the same

Worry Free Transfer Fee

Save More

Send money with competitive exchange rates with no hidden cost

Save More

It's Safe!

More smiling, less worrying. We're licensed & supervised by Bank Indonesia

It's Safe!

Pay Bills and Top-Up Directly from Singapore

Buy PLN token, phone credit, water and BPJS bills payment from Singapore for your families in Indonesia

Pay Bills and Top-Up Directly from Singapore

Track Your Transaction Anytime

Makes it easier to monitor your transaction without missing a beat

Track Your Transaction Anytime

We're Happy to Help You, Always!

We commit to always be with you throughout the journey. Our reliable customer support ready to assist you.

We're Happy to Help You, Always!

How We Work


Transfez empowers your international transactions. You simply need to send money to Transfez, and our partner in the destination country will transfer it to the recipient's bank account.

How To Use

Top up your Transfez balance to send money to Indonesia easier.

Select the nominal available or enter the amount you want.

You can top up via Paynow, m-banking, or at convenience stores that work with Transfez.

You will be directed to the payment method you chose to complete the payment.

Enter your PIN to continue the transaction.

Now you can enjoy easier transactions to Indonesia with Transfez!

Check out this video to know how to top up your e-wallet
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How To Transfer

Sending money to Indonesia from Singapore is easier and cheaper with the Transfez app.

Select the available nominal or enter the nominal you want to send. Transfez will provide information about transfer fee and exchange rates. Make sure the nominal is correct before clicking the Send button.

Select one from the recipient options, individual or company.

You can add new recipient or select a previously registered recipient.

Fill in the recipient data in the column provided completely and correctly.

Choose your purpose of doing remittance and where the money comes from (personal / business / investment funds)

Check carefully and make sure the data is correct to avoid any errors.

Enter your PIN to continue the transaction.

Wait comfortably wherever you are. We will inform you about your remittance status periodically.

Check out this video to find out how to transfer from Singapore
How To Transfer

Paying credit and bills becomes easier using Transfez

PLN token, PDAM, Phone top-up, or BPJS

Enter the Customer ID or select the ID that you have used, choose the nominal, then click Next. Check the purchase details, then click Pay, and enter the PIN.

Select the desired location, then enter the customer ID or select the customer ID that you have used. Check your payment details again, then click Pay, and enter your PIN.

Enter the phone number, then select the credit nominal or the type of data package that suits your needs. Check your purchase details again, click Pay, and enter your PIN.

Enter the BPJS ID or select the BPJS ID that you have used, then select the month you want to pay. Check your payment details again, then click Pay, and enter your PIN.

No need to go anywhere. You’re happy, we’re happy!

Check out this video to know how to pay bills from Singapore
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How To Transfer

" I use this app for the first time and it totally great! The admin will inform you if you have mistake on the transaction and will guide you. "

Kezia Tehila

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